婚約指輪〜エンゲージリングの意味について。正しくはengagement ring(エンゲージメントリング)というのですが、この“engagement”には、約束・誓約といった意味があります。結婚を約束した人へ指輪を贈る風習は、古代ローマ時代から続くとされ、気の遠くなるような長い時代を経て続いている“プロポーズの儀式”があることに、感動を覚えます。
多くの婚約指輪にダイヤモンドが選択される理由は、地球上にある物質の中で最も硬いとされ、それ故に“固い絆の象徴”だからなのです。 そんな特別な想いがこもった唯一無二の指輪を作ることに責任を持ち、心を込めて作ること・・。私たちは“engage=約束”いたします。
What is the meaning of the engagement ring “engagement ring”? The correct name is “engagement ring,” and the word “engagement” has the meaning of a promise or pledge. The custom of sending a ring to a person who has promised to marry has been around since the ancient Roman times, and it is inspiring to know that there is a “marriage proposal ritual” that has lasted for an uncanny amount of time.
The reason why diamonds are chosen for many engagement rings is because they are the hardest material on earth, and therefore a symbol of a strong bond. This is the reason why many people choose diamonds for their engagement rings.
It may be difficult for two different personalities to walk together on one path, with their individual values, way of life, and lifestyle. When you get married, you will experience many joys and worries that you could not feel alone, as you spend time together. There is only one goal: to make each other happy. There are many things to look for in a wedding ring, such as the meaning of commemoration or the design, but we believe that it is the shape of happiness. As a ring maker, we would be more than happy if the couple feels the happiness of being together when they look at the ring.

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